Pitbull Says He Is Continuously Trying To Inspire And Give Back To His Community - Here's How!

Pitbull Says He Is Continuously Trying To Inspire And Give Back To His Community - Here's How!
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Pitbull is a pretty big name in the industry, but he is planning on expanding his reach even more and use that influence to inspire and give back to his community! At least that is what the rapper is claiming in a brand new interview!

While at his Hand and Footprint Ceremony at TCL Chinese Theatre on Friday, the man had a chat with ET, sharing his message to his people of Latin descent, that they too can achieve a successful career.

In Spanish, Pitbull told them via the news outlet: ‘For all the Latinos out there trying to achieve a dream, keep fighting. Keep moving forward and upward. Do not look back, small steps and look ahead and hopefully, I can be the example that motivates and inspires you. I tell everybody: 'Why dream it, when you can live it?''

Very inspirational indeed! He went on to add that ‘We are a very strong culture and one way or another, we always create solutions.’

As fans know, the rapper has been focusing his efforts on opening up charter schools - SLAM Sports Leadership and Management – ever since 2013 and he is apparently planning on opening even more such locations for people to get an education in the new year.

‘For 2019, the goal that we put out there was generation of wealth. It's going to be volcanic. But right now, the real revolution's education. We get the chance to build schools all over the USA.’

The star mentioned that there are already about ten SLAM schools and that in the next ‘three to fifty years’ they should maybe have between 20 and 25!

That is a pretty ambitious project, but Pitbull says it is something he is ‘really passionate about.’

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