Pitbull Lends His Private Plane To Help Cancer Patients In Puerto Rico

Pitbull Lends His Private Plane To Help Cancer Patients In Puerto Rico
Source: TexasPublicRadio.com

Pitbull is doing his part in the relief of the hurricane victims. The Miami native, 36, sent one of his private jets to Puerto Rico to grab cancer patients and bring them back to the United States, so they can continue to get medical treatment. The island - which is technically a part of the United States - was ravaged by Hurricane Irma and Maria this past week leaving thousands without power.

Congresswoman, Jennifer Gonzalez, used her Twitter to send words of thanks and appreciation to the rapper and singer, "thank you @Pitbull for lending your private jet to move cancer patients from PR to the USA so they can get chemotherapy."

In a statement released to People Magazine today, the rapper, whose official name is Armando Christian Perez, claimed he was merely "doing his part," and feels blessed to help out.

Pitbull isn't the only celebrity to lend a helping hand, Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez have been doing everything in their power to help victims of the hurricane after the storms left many without water or electricity.

Miguel Olivera, a war veteran of Vietnam, revealed to CNN today that he was running out of insulin as the rest of his supply was going rotten in his fridge. According to the veteran, the "hurricane is worse," than his experiences in the Vietnam War.

In an Instagram post, Jennifer Lopez said the "devastation was beyond belief," and she called for help from Americans and people across the world. Lopez has yet to hear from her family on the island.

As Celebrity Insider readers know, it's been a rough year for the Carribean Islands as well as parts of the United States as hurricane season was particularly deadly this season. Hurricane Harvey ripped through Houston, Texas right before the destruction in Central America.


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