Pink Shares Emotional Toll Tour Takes On Her Family In New 90 Days Music Video Featuring Carey Hart

Pink Shares Emotional Toll Tour Takes On Her Family In New 90 Days Music Video Featuring Carey Hart
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There is one massive downside to going on tour for superstar Pink, leaving her family . Her struggle is the main focus of her new music video, 90 Days, which also features her husband, Carey Hart.

Embarking on a lengthy tour is part of the music business. Pink accepts that it is exactly what she signed up for when becoming a well-known singing sensation. However, that doesn't make it easier to leave her hubby, eight-year-old daughter Willow and 2-year-old son Jameson.

The 'What About Us' singer decided to express the heartbreak of being on the road months at a time without her precious family. 90 Days is the latest song of her current album, Hurts 2B Human, and it is one of the most personal, as well as raw songs she has ever created.

It is a beautiful song, and the video is fantastic. Pink and Hart go through the emotions of laughing their way through their last night together for months, as well as trying to hide the sadness of having to say good-bye soon.

One of the most significant contrasts is the lighter moments of the couple together, intertwined with the darker moments where each one is featured alone full of sadness.

"I'm here now, but I am in pieces," is a line for the new tune, filled with emotion and underlying meaning. It is a true expression of when people put on a happy face to hide how they truly feel.

The song also showcases the trials and tribulations of marriage, including trying to discover if the person truly wants to be with you during those difficult times. It is an emotional song, and even though it focuses on her struggle to leave for tour, the song is relatable.

It is relatable because the underlying message is about staying or leaving in a marriage. The words are powerful, emotional, and heartbreaking, proving Pink is extremely talented at singing the words in a way that brings emotion to anyone who listens to her music.

Pink has been candid in the past regarding juggling her career and her family. Although she tries to bring them with her on tour, life does not always allow that option. Her husband Carey Hart has his career. Willow is in school and Jameson soon will be too.

Take a minute to watch the heartbreaking 90 Days video. It is so worth it. Yes, Pink has done it again!

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