Pigtails On The Face Jennifer Lopez Tried On The Most Fashionable Hairstyle

Pigtails On The Face Jennifer Lopez Tried On The Most Fashionable Hairstyle

So the star proved that absolutely everyone could afford this styling and not just young fashionistas.

52-year-old Jennifer Lopez does not hesitate to post photos and videos on her personal account where she is without makeup and styling-for example, she takes care of her face with the help of her JLO Beauty brand.

According to the star, she must be 100% sure of the effectiveness of her care; otherwise, why is it all? But besides this, J. Lo dilutes such posts with pictures of beautiful makeup and hairstyles.

In a recent post, the star of movies like First Man, Start Over, and The Strippers posted a video that accompanied BIA's Can't Touch This, along with stylist Chris Appleton and makeup artist Mary Phillips, who prepared for the photo shoot.

The singer's hair was collected in a high, smooth, and tight bun, and two small strands were left on her face, which was braided-this is the most fashionable hairstyle of summer 2022, which was popularized by Hailey Bieber.

As for the makeup, it was done in Jennifer's favorite pink-bronze palette: thickly colored eyelashes emphasized cheekbones and nude lipstick with a glossy finish.

The artist signed the post: "I can't touch this," thereby admitting that she is delighted with the work of Chris and Mary, who constantly collaborate not only with Lopez but also with Kim Kardashian, Bella Hadid, Chrissy Teigen, and many other celebrities.

In a previous post, Jennifer Lopez is one of the few celebrities who are not afraid to upload not only photos but also videos where they are without makeup and without any special filters that touch her face again.


The singer proved by her example that proper skin care is the key to beauty and youth.


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