Piers Morgan Places Blame On Meghan Markle For Separating Royal Family

Piers Morgan Places Blame On Meghan Markle For Separating Royal Family
Credit: Source: CBSNews.com

Since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle revealed they were leaving their duties at the Kensington Palace, essentially stepping down from their senior positions , many people have speculated on the root cause of their decision.

Piers Morgan, for one, thinks Meghan Markle has played a crucial role in their departure, Page Six has learned. On Twitter, Piers called out the Duchess of Sussex for supposedly having a negative impact on interpersonal relationships in the royal family.

Mr. Morgan started off by saying that he understands people often believe he's too hard on Meghan, however, Morgan thinks it's entirely warranted. Paraphrasing the media personality, Piers accused her of "ditching" her family, including her dad, as well as her old friends.

Moreover, Meghan claims her relationship with Prince Harry has led to the dissolution of the bond between Harry and William. You can check out the controversial media personality's Twitter post below:

Reported by Page Six earlier today, the outlet claims Prince Harry had changed "completely" following his meeting with Meghan Markle, sources close to the family revealed. Insiders claimed Meghan played a crucial role in his decision to finally leave.

The royal insider said to the outlet that things were already on the outs between the two brothers before he started dating Meghan, however, it really amplified once they started dating, especially after they finally tied the knot in the May 2018 ceremony.

Moreover, the same source claimed Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle don't get along. Reportedly, William and Kate are far more formal and want to stay within the rules and standards of the royal family, but Meghan and Harry don't.

Furthermore, Harry has supposedly stopped hanging around his old friends, and instead, has chosen the Hollywood crowd like the Clooneys. The insider went on to add that, to those closest to Harry, it seems like Meghan has taken over his life.

Meghan apparently doesn't want their child to grow up near Buckingham Palace, and instead, wants to see him come of age in California and Canada.


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