Piers Morgan Attacked Kim Kardashian’s Looks After Her Recent Mexico Pictures Were Made Public

Piers Morgan Attacked Kim Kardashian’s Looks After Her Recent Mexico Pictures Were Made Public
Source: Daily Wire

Kim Kardashian was the main topic on Good Morning Britain, where Piers Morgan, TV personality, took the liberty to discuss Kim Kardashian's un-Photoshopped behind photos during her vacation in Mexico.

The 52-year-old was chatting with his Good Morning Britain co-hosts about the Kardashian family holiday when Susana Reid expressed her relief that Kim has a few more lumps and bumps than the rest of the women, a thing that she thought should be celebrated.

In response, Morgan said that people shouldn’t accept cellulite...

Of course, his remarks opened some strives, especially with Marie Claire's Mehera Bonner, who suggested that the TV personality should stop talking about women's bodies entirely.

Bonner’s annoyance has some background though, as Morgan also criticized Emily Ratajkowski, Emma Watson, Chrissy Teigen or Jennifer Aniston in the past.

And if you've checked Twitter lately, you can find out who’s to blame.

To excuse his actions, Morgan posted a bunch of tweets after he went through the archives of the women's magazine to find articles that put Marie Claire into a bad light regarding the subject.

He first denied the accusations of him being sexist, by claiming "Nobody 'celebrates' cellulite, male or female," and afterward posted some articles from the magazine that presented various ways of getting rid of cellulite.

Morgan's co-host tried to explain that he misunderstood her words and that the celebration was an expression for women to accept a very natural part of even the most healthy bodies.

Morgan answered with a not-so-friendly reply, even if it was a just joke "Ok, well let's start by celebrating your cellulite live on air, Monday morning. Deal?"


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  • Baby d
    Baby d Apr 26, 2017 5:54 PM PDT

    Piers Morgan, is an old man who no one gives a [email protected] about. He wishes he could have half the fame Kim K West has. He's a moron.

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