Pia Mia Stuns In New Photos

Pia Mia Stuns In New Photos
Credit: Source: Pia Mia/Instagram

Singer, model and actress Pia Mia is breaking the Internet with her newest photos. Shot by Solmaz Sabriel, Pia is seen with her platinum blonde locks free flowing in the wind while she wore a lilac blouse with jean shorts. The stylist Kris from Dani Michelle styled Pia and the results were fabulous. Pia brought a sensual glamor to a look that was both casual and chic. Photos of Pia are being shared across social media platforms and Pia also shared them with her 5.4 million Instagram followers.

Known for her long-time friendship with Kylie Jenner, Pia has proved she's a star in her own right. She recently appeared in the movie After and continues to add to her huge global fanbase.

Photos of Pia go viral and her latest additions are no exception. You may see the photos Pia shared on her official Instagram account below.

Liz Castellanos did Pia's makeup and the results were fabulous. Liz frequently works with Pia and did her makeup for her new single Crybaby. Pia is no stranger to a cat eye but for the latest photos went with a more subdued look that accentuated her natural beauty and features. Pia's skin is noticeably more tan in the latest pictures and the gorgeous Guamanian singer naturally has a beautiful skin tone. The latest photos show her dark eyes highlighted and framed within thick lashes and Liz chose a pale, nude color for Pia's lips.

Her face and skin were perfectly highlighted and Solmaz, as an expert photographer, captured the light in such a way to give Pia the best highlights in her photos.

Eduardo Ponce styles Pia's hair and you'll find plenty of photos of Pia on his official Instagram account.

Eduardo Ponce also shared new photos of Pia from several weeks back after styling her hair. You may see those photos below.


Kris continually styles Pia and the looks are fabulous. Her is another photo where Kris styled Pia.

Are you a fan of Pia Mia's? Did you follow her when she frequently showed up in Kylie Jenner's snapchats? Did you see her in After ?

What do you think of Pia Mia's new photos?

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