Photos Of Russell Crowe With His Hand Down His Pants Goes Viral

Photos Of Russell Crowe With His Hand Down His Pants Goes Viral
Credit: Source: Russell Crowe/Gladiator/DreamWorks

Russell Crowe may be an Oscar-winning actor, but he's also one of the most "real" celebrities you're going to see. Now, new photos of a larger sized Russell Crowe at a restaurant with his hand down his pants is going viral. Russell has sported a bushy beard, often dresses in laid-back clothes, and doesn't seem to be one of those celebrities who walk around feeling pretentious and better than everyone else. For some; however, the latest photos of Russell are a bit "too real" and many people are sounding off on social media saying they can't believe this is the same Russell Crowe, star of stage and screen.

Russell Crowe was traveling with his assistant at the time of the incident. He was at the Sydney Airport, with his assistant and was standing in line at a restaurant. Photographers were on the scene and had taken multiple photos when Russell reached his hand behind him and inserted it in his pants. It's unclear if Russell Crowe had an itch that needed scratching or a wedgie that needed fixing.

Either way, Russell Crowe was caught with his hand in his pants and social media is freaking out.

You may see a video featuring the viral photos below.

Tabloid and celebrity news magazines and outlets wasted no time reporting on the story, and people are studying the photo from every angle imaginable trying to determine exactly what Russell Crowe was doing.

Star Magazine described Russell as looking "unrecognizable" as more people are sounding off regarding Russell Crowe's obvious weight gain.

The actor is now sporting a beard that he trims but has also been very bushy, along with a large, rounded belly. His drastic transformation has left many of his fans shocked.

You may see a report about Russell Crowe from Star Magazine below.

What do you think of Russell Crowe's transformation, weight gain, and the photos showing him caught with his hand down his pants? Are you surprised to see Russell Crowe photographed in such a manner?

Russell Crowe recently finished filming the movie Unhinged and is currently filming the movie The Georgetown Project. 

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