Photographer Sues Justin Bieber For Using Photograph Of Himself Without Permission

Photographer Sues Justin Bieber For Using Photograph Of Himself Without Permission
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According to a report from E! Online, a photographer from New York City is suing the pop star, Justin Bieber, for posting a copyrighted photo on his Instagram account, for which he never received proper authorization.

Filed on Wednesday in a Manhattan federal court, the lawsuit accused Justin of posting the image to his Instagram on the 13th of March without getting the proper authorization from the proper copyright holder.

Richard Barbera was the one to take the picture claims the report from E! Online. In the caption of the post, Justin reportedly wrote, "me and my guy, @richwilkersonjr," which went on to accrue a substantial number of likes: 3 million, in fact.

Reportedly, the photo shows the 25-year-old pop star wearing a gray shirt while he gets out of the vehicle alongside the celebrity pastor, Rich Wilkerson Junior. Mr. Barbera is purportedly looking to receive substantial monetary damages.

Followers of celebrity culture know that this wouldn't be the first time a celeb was sued by a photographer for the unauthorized use of a photograph on their social media account.

Reported by NBC back in May of 2019, the outlet claimed Ariana Grande, the Sweetener singer, was sued also by a New York City-based photographer, in fact, the very same one. Barbera sued Ariana for posting not one but two pictures on her IG account without getting the proper authorization to do so.

At the time of the legal action, Barbera was looking to receive either $25,000 per photo or the profits she received from posting the images on her social media account. Fans of Ariana know she has over 154 million followers. In other words, the amount she earned with each post could be substantial.

Since the legal dispute began, Ariana removed the image from her account, which accrued 3 million likes before it was taken down. In addition to Justin and Ariana, Gigi Hadid, the supermodel, was also sued by a New York agency that claims she used an image of herself without permission.

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