Phaedra Parks Tells Fans That Protesting Is Only The Beginning

Phaedra Parks Tells Fans That Protesting Is Only The Beginning
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Phaedra Parks told her fans and followers that protesting is only the beginning. She also addressed the importance of voting in her recent post on social media.

'Protesting is only the beginning. The true follow through is voting. This week our power is at the polls. I support and stand with @keeppaulhowardda. He has been instrumental in protecting protesters against #policebrutality. #VOTE ✊🏾' Phaedra captioned her post.

Someone said: 'You always show up for the good cause. We thank you,' and a commenter posted this message: 'Yes Phaedra this is on the beginning!! We all MUST VOTE!!'

One follower posted this message: 'You are a strong beautiful black woman and I love you for that keep up the good work,' and another follower said: 'you look younger and younger every day @phaedraparks.'

Someone else wrote: '@phaedraparks Love You PHAEDRA! Happy Sunday Beautiful! I Hope You Are Doing Well Love! Stay Safe Beautiful!' and another comment posted this message: 'Amen Phae Phae that's a great place to start....#PleaseVote.'

A commenter wrote: 'Mrs parks god bless you [email protected]'

One other follower said: 'I voted and I feel I made a difference anyone that stood in lines may it be the rain or the heat u made a difference no one can take that away.'

Other than this, Phaedra had an important message for fans and followers all the people who chose to remain quiet these days amidst the massive drama in the US triggered by the murder of George Floyd and more injustices.

‘As an individual you are entitled to your unique expression but sitting silent because that’s the comfortable thing to do is UNACCEPTABLE because this month it’s someone else’s dad, husband, uncle, son, brother or friend but next month it could be your loved one and you will want the same fervor and outcry that you are intentionally being apathetic about now,' she posted.

Fans appreciated her message.

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