Phaedra Parks Teaches Fans How To Receive Happiness

Phaedra Parks Teaches Fans How To Receive Happiness
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Happiness might be just around us, but we may be too busy to notice. Phaedra Parks tells fans how to expect and embrace happiness, and she definitely has a good point.

Check out what she shared on her social media account the other day.

A fan exclaimed: 'W o n d e r f u l ❤️🔥 I love your mindset, your attitude, and your resilience ... miss you on Atlanta ... I think you’re such a loving friend and mother.'

Someone else said: 'Say that a little louder for the people in the very back.'

One other follower said: 'Definitely I use to have the issues I've matured and broke the habit thank God @phaedraparks.'

An Instagrammer posted this: 'Happiness comes from seeing Phaedra hold herself with class and style throughout all the seasons and dramas of RHOA.'

Another fan wrote: 'Heeeeey God!!!!!!! Got me shouting ova here. You Betta testify @phaedraparks.'

Phaedra has been really emotional lately, even on her social media account, especially following the t5ragedy that took the life of Kobe Bryant, his 13-year-old daughter, Gianna and seven more people.

She started posting emotional messages for her fans and followers on her IG account.

For instance, she encouraged moms who have sons to make their bonds stronger .  After the death of Kobe, dads publicly declared their love for their daughters, and men have been posting gorgeous pics with their baby girls.

As you know, Phaedra Parks is a mother of two boys, Dylan and Ayden.

Here's what she told her fans: 'After seeing all the #girldad posts, I had to represent for all the #boy #moms who become honorary #cub #scouts, handle bugs and learn to enjoy activities they never thought about in their wildest dreams to bond with their young #kings! #boymom #parenting #tbt #momlife #thankful #blessed to have a #prince and #President 👑’

Fans were definitely here for her message.

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