Phaedra Parks Shows Off Her Juicy Curves For This Tik Tok Challenge

Phaedra Parks Shows Off Her Juicy Curves For This Tik Tok Challenge
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Phaedra Parks posted a video for a Tik Tok challenge in which she's showing off her toned body, flaunting her curves for the camera. Her two boys are featured in the clip as well,, and fans couldn't ask for more.

Check out the video that Phaedra shared on her social media account of choice, Instagram below.

Someone commented: 'That baby boy has an old soul them shoulders gave me life,' and another follower said: 'Looking great Phaedra and the boys are growing nicely and are quite handsome!'

One follower told Phaedra: 'You have been here in Nola quite a few times as well as I've been in Atlanta. But my ultimate dream is to one day having the distinct pleasure of meeting you. May God continue to bless you and your family and keep safe my day will come.'

Someone else exclaimed: 'How precious!! I love that your children actually dance like children and not trying to act like grown men!! Good job mom!!'

Another commenter said: 'Those r not ur boys?!!! Omg, they grew up so fast n so handsome!!!'

One fan posted this message: 'The boys are so handsome got so big I have seen your house on Celebrity house sitting and it's to die for ...Simply Fabulous @phaedraparks the best house I've seen Yet for a celebrity the kitchen omg stay safe & protected.'

Someone else posted: 'Why are they soooo handsome tho @phaedraparks 😍♥️♥️♥️ ! The boys are getting big so fast !! miss ya big sis,' and one other person gushed over Phaedra's boy as well: 'Mr. President killed it though!! He came in with the real prezi-D swag @phaedraparks.'

Another fan praised the boys and said: 'The young gents are so handsome!!! And @phaedraparks you look amazing!!!!! Great video!! I loved it!!' and someone else also gushed over the boys' mom: 'Looking Good Phaedra ... You make it look easy ... But, being a great momma isn't the hardest job women have! 💋 Love ya! 🙏🏽'

As you probably know by now, Phaedra is at home with her two boys these days, and she’s social distancing.

She recently told fans and followers not too long ago that she was having a tough time homeschooling her boys, but she came back with a more optimistic update on the situation.

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