Phaedra Parks Shows Off Christmas Gifts In This Video And Nicki Minaj Is Here For It

Phaedra Parks Shows Off Christmas Gifts In This Video And Nicki Minaj Is Here For It
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Phaedra Parks is showing off her Christmas tree and some gifts and fans are in love with the whole decor. Check out the clip that she shared and had fans in awe.

Nicki Minaj hopped in the comments and showed love with Phaedra.

A follower said: 'Love your tree and of course the two handsome young men in from of it' and someone else posted this: ' see a lot of hate on this post no one can help that you didn't take time out of your life and become successful and build your empire from the ground up.. I'm speaking due to the fact I know Phaedra personally and the energy y'all are putting out there to TRY and downplay her does nothing but make u look piss poor as an individual being that I didn't get off ya ass and work for what u wanted in life. What ur looking at is a Strong BLACK woman that got her shit together so that people like yourself can hate because you went the wrong direction in life... Merry Christmas luv and always know I got ya back ten toes down... Love ya Phadrea Parks my friend for Life..'

Someone said: 'Can I see a post where you donated and helped people in difficult times this year. Not a good look Phaedra. 😔.'

A follower said: 'Hope you're also teaching them the true meaning of Christmas also...' and someone else posted this: 'Need to show off Versace really.. when many people are. out of work due to this pandemic.. how dare you.'

Another commenter said: 'That is a beautiful Christmas tree like you🎄🎄 and you put your heart and soul into that Christmas tree, and I like the way you decorated that tree, Merry Christmas.'

Someone else posted this: 'They are so grown up! Handsome boys and that tree! Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year 2021! 🎄🎁🎅'


Also, not too long ago, Phaedra Parks  shared a photo on her son on her social media account that triggered massive shade.  Check out the post  that she shared.

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