Phaedra Parks Shares Precious Advice For Her Fans - Watch Her Video

Phaedra Parks Shares Precious Advice For Her Fans - Watch Her Video
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Phaedra Parks dropped some precious advice for her fans on social media. She also shared the following video that managed to impress her followers on IG. Check it out below.

'Ephesians 3:20‼️ Believe and surround yourself with a team that only sees the champion in you 👑,' Phaedra captioned her post.

Lots of fans were impressed to tears and they made sure to tell this to Phaedra.

Someone said: 'This had me in real Tears!!!✨' and a follower posted this: 'Believe and Receive, Walk by Faith, not by Sight.'

Another commenter wrote: 'Lord forgive me for being so consumed with self-pity...' and one other follower said: 'This just made me cry I needed to see that strength.'

A follower posted this message: 'I’m crying because his faith is astounding. All praises to the highest God. This touched my soul.'

An Instagrammer said: 'This man is amazing ☝🏻faith is amazing this is why you must not let deep state destroy love humanity as ☝🏻reach out to all communities show the deep state we are one ☝🏻do not let them destroy our love, you will always get racism because it’s been fabricated in the minds of ppl! It’s a belief that one human is better then another we must raise up together and only them showing love for each other will we win ☝🏻I can not stress enough of the importance of how many ppl like this guy struggling with every day and all deep state wants is ppl to kill each other ☝🏻we all must be free of the chains! Mental chains in our minds ☝🏻of corruption will stand in the way make your own stand voices must be heard that no more joining deep state organizations protect black men from this evil using gangs ☝🏻Soros funds all of these ☝🏻spread faith and love and compassion, it’s only in our minds all of this exists as deep state put it there, wake ppl up Black or white or any other!'

Some people slammed the person above, calling them conspiration-theory lovers and more.

In other news, Phaedra Parks  shared a message on her socialmedia account that had fans debating in the comments. Some agree with her, and others slammed her for this post.

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