Phaedra Parks Shares An Emotional Post About The Late Ja'Net DuBois

Phaedra Parks Shares An Emotional Post About The Late Ja'Net DuBois
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Phaedra Parks praises the days when cable was not so expanded in such a way to offer all viewers something for their particular appetite. She mentions some pretty amazing TV shows such as Good Times, The Jeffersons, and more.

Phaedra wrote the emotional post below to honor Ja'Net DuBois who died at 74.

'Before the expansion of cable and plethora of shows to satisfy any and every appetite for our community, there was #GoodTimes #TheJeffersons & #Sanford&Son and @janetdubois_ character “Willona” was the quintessential aunt that everyone related to- full of sass and ready to read! Although best known for this role she also co-wrote and was the voice of one of the most iconic TV theme songs- the Jeffersons #MovingOnUp which was inspired by promises she made to her mother about what she would do once she became a star,' Phaedra began her post.

She continued and said: 'She not only achieved stardom, she became a #icon in our community, she broke barriers for women of color, she was an #Emmy recipient, legend and now she is resting in her deluxe apartment in the sky! #RIP #janetdubois 🙏🏾🕊#blackhistory #legend thank you for the #memories and #goodtimes ❣️'

One other follower said: 'She most definitely inspired me my level of ol school energy thanks for post awareness.✊🏾'

Someone else posted: 'One of my favorites ❤️ Good Times The Jeffersons and Sanford & Son. One of these shows would always be on the tv when I was growing up.'

A commenter wrote: 'Makes me think of my grandma we use to sit and watch them.'

One other follower was also grateful and wrote this: 'Thank you for sharing those memories❤. Loved Willona and hearing her sing "Moving On Up "'

Not too long ago, Phaedra experienced an incredible Black History moment together with her friend Mona Scott-Young who was part of an important event.

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