Phaedra Parks Shared The Most Emotional Post You'll See Today - She Had The Honor To Serve Rayshard Brooks' Family

Phaedra Parks Shared The Most Emotional Post You'll See Today - She Had The Honor To Serve Rayshard Brooks' Family
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Phaedra Parks shared an emotional message about the family of Rashard Brooks. She said that she had the honor to serve his family. Check out the video below.

'This week I had the honor to serve #RayshardBrooks’ family; his lovely wife Tomeka and their four beautiful children. As a #mother and a #blackwoman my heart breaks every time I see another hashtag and hear about another black person being senselessly killed. We cry, we post, we protest but we rarely see #justice served when it’s just us being murdered. This storm has been brewing for years,' Phaedra began.

She continued and said: 'I remember in 2014 when I learned about the murder of #MichaelBrown and I went to Ferguson to rally on his behalf. Six years later, I’m still getting the calls, now more frequently than ever detailing countless stories of continued dehumanization and crimes against Black people. I know organized movements create change- so it’s #AboutTime that we stay #consistent and apply pressure so that our #sons and #daughters are not afraid of becoming the next #. 2020 has clarified that nothing in life is certain but the struggle to #survive in the midst of #COVID19 and #COVID1619. The #fight for #equality should not be a trend- EQUALITY is a RIGHT! Thank you @bricesander & @entertainmenttonight for documenting these historical moments.'

A follower wrote this message: 'Sis sad! I’m so glad you were there, an angel on earth! Love you much.'

Someone said: 'As a mother of 4 men, 2 grandboys, and 1 daughter, I ache more and more when they are out of my sight. Thank You for being a voice. In times like these,' and another follower posted: 'The queen has done it again. Thank you 🙏 Miss Phaedra, for your good work. You are doing good things and classy as always. God bless.'

One other commenter posted this message to offer their gratitude to Phaedra: 'Thank you, Phaedra, for ALL of your hard work, patience, kind heart & consistency! Your skills are a Force to be Reckoned with! Our love & prayers go out to Everyone ... My husband & I are fighting here in the DMV. We are trying to make a difference in the lives of the youth surrounding us; as well as anyone else we are able to Help! God Blesses us to Bless others!'

Other than this, Phaedra shared a message on her social media account in which she’s addressing BLM and Breonna Taylor, telling her fans and followers that she hasn’t forgotten about the issue.

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