Phaedra Parks ‘Regrets’ Beefing With Kandi Burruss

Phaedra Parks ‘Regrets’ Beefing With Kandi Burruss
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After their explosive feud at the end of season 9 of RHOA, Kandi Burruss reportedly still does not want to have anything to do with Phaedra Parks. And while the latter totally gets why her former co-star is so upset, it turns out that Phaedra wishes they were never in a feud.

One insider report claims that she thinks it is finally time to move on from their beef.

As you know, Kandi made it very clear that if Phaedra ever returned to the show, she would leave instead.

Their bad blood is just too much for her. However, it looks like that statement really hurt Phaedra.

‘Phaedra regrets her feud with Kandi and she truly does feel bad about what happened between them. She was grateful for her time and experience on RHOA and misses the show and what it did for her and for her businesses,’ one source tells HollywoodLife.

As fans remember, the whole drama started with Parks claiming Burruss and her husband were planning on spiking Porsha Williams’s drink and raping her.

Of course, Kandi vehemently denied the accusations and got really upset Phaedra would say something like that.

In the end, the lawyer got fired from RHOA and since then, Kandi has shown no signs she is planning on forgiving and forgetting.

‘Phaedra loved being part of the franchise, but she quickly realized that her accusations were very costly and resulted in her not being asked back on the show. If given the opportunity, she would have done things differently,’ the source went on to tell the outlet.

They also mentioned that she takes full responsibility and understands why Kandi is so upset.

However, she wishes ‘she wouldn’t be talking about it still.'


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