Phaedra Parks' Latest Post Involving Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s Memorial Monument Has Fans In Awe

Phaedra Parks' Latest Post Involving Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s Memorial Monument Has Fans In Awe
Credit: BET

Almost all of your favorite celebrities have been posting something to celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Phaedra Parks is one of them. Her IG post has managed to impress fans, and if you check it out below, you will also understand why.

'Today I came across @jarrett.hendrix beautiful photo of the #MartinLutherKingJr memorial monument in #DC. His caption was a beautiful as the picture. As he noted, if you zoom in on the picture, it looks like a stream of tears rolling down Dr. King’s face,' Phaedra began her post.

She continued and said: 'As Jarrett wrote in his caption, “sometimes crying is seen as a sign of weakness, but actually it is a sign of strength. It takes courage to cry, it takes courage to sacrifice.” I am so #thankful for Dr. King and all of my ancestors who out of a “mountain of despair”became a “stone of #hope.” May @nuwizedom rendition of the hymn Even Me #bless and #inspire you today to speak up and facilitate change even in when it’s uncomfortable❣️ #IHaveADream #Happy #MLK #Day.'

One follower posted this: 'Hey babe where is that statute at in Atl ??? Wow it’s nice one of my friends just left the A last night and sent me pics of his suits and cuff links and a church I think wow so special he is truly missed and we owe him sooo much' and Phaedra answered: ' this is the memorial monument in DC''

Someone else said: 'Omg now that a site and babe that voice on that guy is heart touching put me in tears thank u for posting such a memory you are a Good God-fearing woman I love yu P enjoy yo day.'

One follower posted this: 'A giant has awakened, and its fiery roar is moving forward and making drastic changes in the lives of those who heard it. Awaken your roar America!'

Someone else said: 'they brought u up again ur name just keeps coming up, and I'm sick of them using u, please just come back for another season and drag everyone damn they using ur name every chance they get.'

Just the other day, Phaedra posed with her two sons , and fans love the photo.


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