Phaedra Parks Had A Few Observations About Yesterday's Voting Process

Phaedra Parks Had A Few Observations About Yesterday's Voting Process
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Phaedra Parks was voting the other day, and she shared a video along with a few important messages. Check out her post on social media below.

'Georgia WE SEE YOU!!! WE will not sit still or be silenced while #VOTING and #VOTERS are suppressed! FACTS: ***If you are in line by 7 PM you have the right to vote*** If you are over 75 years old or have a disability you are not required to wait in line. Let the poll worker(s) know!' Phaedra captioned her post.

Someone said: 'I waited in line here in Nevada for 4 1/2 long ass hours. I’m doing mail in ballots in November,' and another follower posted this message: 'As my daughter were voting in Atlanta, GA they turned away many people at 6:55.'

One follower wrote: 'We need congress to pass that VoteSafe Act,' and another commenter said: 'That's why we need busses to bring people to voting areas where #votersuppression is happening.'

Another fan wrote: 'Did she say she has to go home and take her medicine,' and someone else said: 'The voting machines was down at my precinct and many others in my city. We had to do paper ballets this morning. I hope they get counted.'

One other follower posted: 'No waiting in line ...Can vote with an absentee ballot...Georgia absentee ballot reads the age of 65 and older...And, if a person has a physical disability.'

Another commenter posted this message: 'When they get mad about not being able to vote, there's a problem? Now you feel us?'

Phaedra just praised the judge Kellie Hill and told her fans that they should vote for her.

‘Loyal #friend, great #mother, former #prosecutor, proven #leader, and an excellent #judge! #Cobb #county vote tomorrow and re-elect @judge_kellie_hill ⚖️ #VOTE ✊🏾’ Phaedra captioned her post.

People appreciated Phaedra's post that she shared and they showed a lot of support for Hill.

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