Phaedra Parks' Former Husband Apollo Nida Will Be Released From Prison Early!

Phaedra Parks' Former Husband Apollo Nida Will Be Released From Prison Early!
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Phaedra Parks’ former husband is one year closer to being a free man! Court documents obtained by ET reveal that Apollo Nida is set to be released a year early since that period was allegedly cut off from his initial sentence by a judge.

As you may remember, Nida was sentenced to no less than 96 months behind bars back in 2014.

What that means now, since his sentence has been reduced to 84 months, is that he has a bit over a year left to serve as his new release date is August of 2020.

This decision has been ruled by United States District Judge Charles A. Pannell, Jr.

Phaedra and her ex have two kids together – sons Dylan, 5, and Ayden, 8.

They tied the knot in 2009 and ended things in 2014 but since the divorce was a lengthy one, they were officially divorced in 2017.

During an older interview with ET from back in 2016, Phaedra opened up about maintaining communication between their young ones and their father, even though they are divorced and Nida is, well, in prison!

‘Apollo and I, obviously, are going to be connected through our wonderful children through the rest of our lives. I try to keep him in the loop as much as it is possible because he is in prison. I am very cognizant that he wants to be a father ... and when he tries to reach out and he calls, we try to make sure that there is an open line of communication with the boys,’ she shared with the news outlet at the time.

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