Phaedra Parks Addresses The Issue Of Racism And Triggers Massive Debate Among Fans

Phaedra Parks Addresses The Issue Of Racism And Triggers Massive Debate Among Fans
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Phaedra Parks recently addressed the case of George Floyd murder that you probably know about as well. The whole country is enraged after what had happened and after an unarmed man was killed.

Lots of celebrities are talking about police brutality these days, and Phaedra Parks also addresses the issue of racism.

'The new racism is to deny that racism exists. I took a few days off of social media to celebrate my sons birthday only to return to more #racism and more senseless #violence against #blackmen. When does it #stop???? I have NEVER seen so much #hate. While there is no quick #solution to this social #dontrushchallenge pandemic that is more toxic than #Covid19 at some point we must all realize at one point “We were all human until #race disconnected us, #religion separated us, #politics divided us and #wealth classified us.” 😣😢😤#GeorgeFloyd #AmyCooper #CentralParkKaren #icantbreathe,' Phaedra captioned her post.

Someone told her: 'Thank you for using your platform for the greater good,' and another follower said: 'You were the only Housewife that put the focus on issues in the African American community on the show. Thank you!'

One commenter posted: 'My heart aches for my children and the babies of my children....This new World is crazy. But we will survive !!! Always have despite what are obstacles may be. Melatonin always survives !!!!!'

A fan said: 'Thank you for always using your platform to support and promote positivity, cultural issues, and social injustice. Love you Phaedra!!!' and someone else also showed their gratitude: 'Thanks for posting this! All this racism stuff needs to be uncovered! The Lord is not going to let this continue for ever! He will hold you accountable! You can take that to the bank! Man can’t stop him.'

A commenter wrote: 'I can’t take it anymore and no you don’t have to know the victim to be heartbroken yes I’m totally saddened how many time we have to be subject of racism and subject of big corporates and dis government broken juridical corrupt ooh I’m short of words cried too much too stressed too broken. I’m sorry George Floyd RIP I’m sorry.'

In other news, Phaedra told her fans the amazing surprise that her son, Ayden had for his birthday. It must have been one of his best anniversaries ever.

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