PewDiePie Does It Again - Gets Slammed For Mocking Demi Lovato’s Alleged Overdose

PewDiePie Does It Again - Gets Slammed For Mocking Demi Lovato’s Alleged Overdose
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PewDiePire is slammed by the whole world again after he posted a meme that's mocking Demi Lovato following her alleged heroin overdose. The image has been deleted, but we have it, and we'll post it below so you can understand what we're talking about.

The meme is taken from a comic strip and it's with a kid asking their mom for money to buy a burger. But instead, the kid uses the cash to buy heroin.

The thing is that the meme features Demi's face in the place of the kid's face.

You probably already know that Demi was rushed to the hospital a couple of days ago after an alleged drug overdose.

At first, it was believed that heroin was involved, but since then, TMZ reported that it was not the alleged drug that she had used.

Twitter users noticed PewDiePie’s insensitive post, and fans have been slamming him since he posted the meme.

'He’s not funny at all unless you think racism and homophobia and making fun of mental illness/addiction is funny,' someone posted.

Another user added, 'Wait, so PewDiePie criticized Logan Paul for being insensitive (which he is) but here he is making fun of Demi who overdosed on drugs? No wonder only 12-year-olds watch him.'

PewDiePie deleted the meme and issued an apology.

'Deleted meme,' he wrote. 'I didn’t mean anything with it, and I didn’t fully know about the situation. I realize now it was insensitive, sorry!'

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