PewDiePie Announces He Is Taking A Break From YouTube - 'I'm Feeling Very Tired'

PewDiePie Announces He Is Taking A Break From YouTube - 'I'm Feeling Very Tired'
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Popular YouTuber PewDiePie - AKA Felix Kjellberg - has announced that he will take a break from the platform in 2020 because he’s “feeling very tired.” The 30-year-old made the announcement ten minutes into a PewNews video that he posted over the weekend, and he explained that he wanted to give fans a heads up about his plans, while promising more details would soon follow.

“I am taking a break from YouTube next year. I wanted to say it in advance because I made up my mind. I’m tired. I’m feeling very tired, I don’t know if you can tell,” said the Swede.

In 2017, PewDiePie’s YouTube channel became the first on the platform to hit 10 billion views, and his channel currently has more than 102 million subscribers after his battle with T-Series grabbed everyone’s attention. He has already been named the most-watched YouTube creator of 2019.

However, he has found himself in some controversy after the Christchurch Shooting when the “Subscribe to PewDiePie” meme was caught up in that terrorist attack. And, he also changed his mind about a $50,000 donation to the Anti-Defamation League because he wasn’t passionate about the cause, and some of his fans said he was being “censored.”

He has taken two other breaks in the past decade, including one in November 2016. But, when he returned a few months later in February 2017, he found himself in some serious hot water when he posted nine anti-Semitic videos. Kjellberg later admitted that he went too far, but it was too late to save his multi-million dollar deal with Disney.

According to Variety , this past summer PewDiePie hinted that he was ready for a break after he married former YouTuber Marzia Bisognin Kjellberg.

“I do think it would be good for me to take a break at some point. It would be nice to not have YouTube in my brain for the first time in 10 years,” said Kjellberg.

Earlier this month PewDiePie revealed that he and his wife were victims of a home invasion. His wife Marzia said that someone had broken in and took 90 percent of her valuables, like jewelry, luxury goods, and things she had been collecting.

“I know it is very materialistic, and should be happy with what I was left/have. But I can’t hide the shock and sadness with all being taken away, just like that,” said Marzia Kjellberg.

After making his announcement this weekend, fans noticed that PewDiePie also deleted his Twitter account on Monday after he said he hated the social media site.

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