Petitioners Want Confederate Statues Replaced With Britney Spears

Petitioners Want Confederate Statues Replaced With Britney Spears
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Amid the Black Lives Matter protests that first kicked off at the end of May due to the death of George Floyd, petitioners have been calling for the state of Louisiana to remove their statue and replace it with a Britney Spears monument instead.

Page Six reported today that one Southerner created a petition to replace all of the Confederate statuses in the state with an "actual Louisiana" hero such as Britney Spears.

The petition, written to the governor, John Edwards, says that before she became one of the most iconic pop-stars of all time, she lived in a very small, southern, Louisiana town. The petition addressed Britney's star on the Hollywood walk of fame, stating that it was time for the state to honor her as well.

A few hours into Saturday morning, approximately 14,000 people signed their names on to the idea, including the reference to many of her contributions to the state over the last two decades, including her donations to Hurricane Katrina victims.

The petition goes on to make reference to her media meltdown, as well, stating that she managed to pull through it and come out on top. Furthermore, the petition states, Britney is committed to making herself a better person every day.

One signer wrote, "she is the TRUE hero of the South!" Demonstrators all over the world have been taking down statues in the last few weeks following the death of George Floyd while in Minneapolis. He was reportedly killed by his arresting officer, Derek Chauvin.

The state of Louisiana is reportedly undertaking the removal of many of their statues and park names as well, many of which are named after Confederate figures. Fans of Britney know that these days, she's not as active in her music career as she used to be.

However, she regularly takes to her Instagram to share workout videos along with her personal trainer boyfriend, Sam Asghari. Britney's family came upon more difficult times when her father had to receive medical attention.

She later canceled her Las Vegas residency to help out her ailing father, although, TMZ had reported in the past that her ticket sales were low.

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