Petition Asks Warner Brothers To Have Wonder Woman Come Out As Bisexual

Petition Asks Warner Brothers To Have Wonder Woman Come Out As Bisexual
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It's National BiWeek and a new petition is asking Warner Brothers to have Wonder Woman come out as bisexual. National BiWeek was founded as a joint effort between GLAAD and BiNet. Now, the organizations are calling on people to contact Warner Brothers via a petition to have Wonder Woman embrace the bisexual side that is hinted at in the comic books. New York University GLAAD campus ambassador Gianna Collier-Pitts launched the petition that seeks to have Wonder Woman's sexuality confirmed by the time Wonder Woman 2 hits theaters in 2019.

The petition has a goal of 5,000 signatures and currently has approximately 3600 signatures.  In 2016, comic creator Greg Rucka talked about Wonder Woman's origins in the DC Comics and said that though the comics don't explicitly state that Wonder Woman is gay or bisexual, it is in there.

The issue at hand is that Wonder Woman, aka Diana Prince, is from Themyscira, an island inhabited solely by women. According to Rucka, the concept of homosexuality is unknown on the island and the women relate to one another in a natural fashion.

The petition aims to remove any speculation regarding Diana Prince's sexuality and to have her in an open, bisexual relationship with a woman. Should Warner Brothers choose to make Wonder Woman openly bisexual, she would be the first superhero, whether male or female, that would become a role model for the LGBTQ.

Gianna Collier-Pitts explained that for women like her who identify with the LGBTQ community, having a superhero they can relate to is life changing. With so many youths today dealing with issues regarding their sexuality, it's imperative that they have a safe environment where they feel accepted.

Could it be that having Wonder Woman become bisexual that she would, in turn, become the ultimate role model?

What do you think about the petition? Do you think it is a good idea or a mistake to make Wonder Woman bisexual?

Wonder Woman 2 is scheduled for a Dec. 13,  2019, release date. Wonder Woman has earned over 819 million making it one of the top grossing superhero films of all time. Expectations that Wonder Woman 2 will do well are high.

Are you looking forward to Wonder Woman 2 ? Will your opinion of Diana Prince change if she is bisexual?

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