Peter Thomas Reveals COVID-19 Diagnosis After Taking Off His Mask Multiple Times

Peter Thomas Reveals COVID-19 Diagnosis After Taking Off His Mask Multiple Times
Credit: Source: Bravo

Coronavirus is still on a raging path spreading from person to person. Even those who believe that they are doing everything they can to protect themselves have found out just how contagious the illness is.

Peter Thomas is the latest former Bravolebrity to reveal his diagnosis. The ex-husband of Cynthia Bailey said that he usually wears his mask; however, he was asked by fans to take it off in order to pose for a photo.

'People come up to me, take pictures all the time. And they want me to have the mask off and hug me because they say they like me... Every time I take those pictures, I’m praying I’m not going to get it. These things caught up to me.'

The reality star said that he's been in bed for eight days and doesn't expect to recuperate until another week or so.

'It’s the most excruciating pain I can think of. My stomach has been a complete wreck the last eight days. Pain. Constant cramping. The pain is crazy. Chills. All day. All night. Chills. Waking up in a cold sweat, constantly keeping my body hydrated, no appetite, diarrhea, throwing up.'

He went on to implore viewers to wear masks and social distance.


The popular bar owner received many well wishes.

'You are a fighter if my dad fought Covid 19 you will too. Praying for you. There are survivors,' one follower wrote.

Another added: 'I hope you get better but I hope that you have learned your lesson because all your posts I have seen that you have not worn a mask now is hitting home please wear a mask let all your employees wear a mask.'

While this person said: 'Get well soon🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽but u need to get out of the bed and try to keep ur body active.'

There were also many comments that scolded him for not wearing a mask in multiple videos he's posted via social media.


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