Peter Thomas From Real Housewives Responds To His Ex-Girlfriend's "My Son's Not Black" Comment

Peter Thomas From Real Housewives Responds To His Ex-Girlfriend's "My Son's Not Black" Comment

Peter Thomas is disappointed with the disingenuous news reporting on his ex-girlfriend, Nancy Fernandez, who recently commented on the racial identity of hers and Peter's son. As it was previously reported, Nancy took to Instagram to joke about her son's father.

The boy, whose moniker hasn't been revealed, joked that Peter was as black as the tarmac. Peter's ex-girlfriend posted the video and many were upset, but mostly just journalists for miscellaneous publications.

In the video, Nancy joked that her son wasn't "really" black because she had him all on her own. In response, Peter Thomas took to his social media to initiate damage and gossip control.

In an Instagram post, you can see Peter get really upset over the allegations of it being "racist." He states, "So, ain't no racist s**t here. If she calls him brown, that's her f***ing prerogative."

Moreover, Thomas points to the fact that the Dominican Republic is mostly black people. As you may know, Nancy Fernandez, Peter's ex, is from the Dominican Republic. And while most people are aware that her comments were a harmless joke, some individuals on social media took great offense.

One person wrote, "Even though her comments are no big deal to her and her son, it's still really harmful to people of mixed heritage who are discriminated against not only by white people but by black people as well."

"When you're not accepted by white or black communities, it's really harmful to a person's self-esteem." As you may know, issues of skin color can often be points of contention in minority groups.

Either way, it appears as though Thomas isn't buying those explanations one bit. You can see his rant against his ex-girlfriend's joke above.


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