Peter Thomas Disses Cynthia Bailey In Clapback To Rude Commentator

Peter Thomas Disses Cynthia Bailey In Clapback To Rude Commentator
Credit: Source: Bravo

Peter Thomas and Cynthia Bailey have both moved on since their divorce that played out on Real Housewives of Atlanta. When one commentator took it upon themselves to insult his new lady love, Peter wanted to make sure that she knew that he upgraded and dissed his ex-wife in the process.

Thomas shared a photo of his new girlfriend in a bikini. The stunning photo received a comment from a hater who decided to compare her to Cynthia.

'She's a beautiful much younger woman Peter, but she's no Cynthia Bailey bro. Best wishes Peter.'

To which the Bar One owner responded with a simple but sharp: 'That's what's beautiful about her.'

Many thought that his response was shady while others defended him saying that it wasn't a big deal.

Peter and Cynthia officially divorced in 2016 but problems were apparent long before that when rumors ran rampant that the aspiring restaurateur was sinking their money into his failing business.

In fact, the grandfather of two opened up about it on Power 98 in an interview obtained by Bravo when they reported:  'She didn't believe in what he did for a living and that by extension, she didn't believe in him. He also said that he didn't feel supported in his career.'

Cynthia has her own version of how things went down.

'I will just say Peter's entitled to feel however he wants to feel. I cannot take that from him. I know what I gave to this marriage, and I think I wholeheartedly supported his business ventures. I had just reached my personal breaking point. I felt like I didn't have any more to give. So for me, it's not about playing the blame game, who didn't do enough, who wasn't supportive enough. That's just not where I'm at with this divorce.'

Cynthia is on the road to engagement with Mike Hill. Do you think Peter's clapback was shady?


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