Peter Thomas Blasts Phaedra Parks For Not Letting Apollo Nida See His Sons: 'Let Him See His Kids!'

Peter Thomas Blasts Phaedra Parks For Not Letting Apollo Nida See His Sons: 'Let Him See His Kids!'
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Peter Thomas has entered the chat. The Real Housewives of Atlanta alum took to social media with a scathing message for Phaedra Parks in defense of Apollo Nida.

Apollo was recently released from prison for a second time and told his followers that his baby's mother was trying to keep him from seeing his sons . Most of the comments were from people who felt that Nida should've handled the situation differently since Phaedra was the one taking care of the children while he was serving time for committing a crime with the exception of Peter who seemed shocked that the drama made it to social media.

In addition to leaving the comment that garnered attention from RHOA viewers, Peter made his own video that slammed Phaedra for her alleged actions.

'I was reading and it says that the time she visited him in jail, it was on Bravo’s dime. She probably wouldn’t have done it if they didn’t force her hand to do it… cause I know how that s*** works. That’s really f***** up! Ain’t no good come from bad deeds. Somebody should holla at her and let her know that. And keeping those boys from seeing their dad is some really f***** up s***. I’m praying for you Apollo. I know that you guys are gonna reunite and those boys are going to love you like you love the h*** out of them and you’re going to make a better life for yourself and anything that I can do to help you, my brother, you know I will.'


He followed up the original clip with another one that addressed fans criticism.

'I don’t have Phaedra’s number I can’t call her. I wouldn’t want to call her anyway. She spread a lot of rumors and a lot of lies about me so why would I want to call her? I’m cool with Apollo, that’s my dude. He went to jail, while he was in jail we talked all the time. He came home, he hasn’t seen his kids in 3 years. I think it’s effed up…I don’t like females like that by the way. I don’t females that because you’re mad at the dude, now you want to use the kids against him. That s*** is foul to me! Let him see his kids!'

He also suggested that Parks knew about Apollo's dirty work in the video clip above.

What do you think about Peter's video responses?


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