Peter Gunz Gets In Kailyn Lowry Baby Daddy Three Race

Peter Gunz Gets In Kailyn Lowry Baby Daddy Three Race
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Is Peter Gunz, Kailyn Lowry's baby daddy? Believe it or not, the "Love & Hip Hop: New York" star is the one who gave birth to this latest and insane rumor.

If Gunz turns out to be the one who impregnated Miss Lowry - that would mean that he is expecting his 11th child. Yes, you have read correctly, he already has ten children with various women.

For weeks now, "Teen Mom 2" star Lowry has been hiding the identity of baby daddy number 3.

She shared pictures of the nursery and teased fans about the father of her unborn child by saying he is black and picked the nickname Baby Lo, which has many speculating that Chris Lopez is the one who impregnated her.

Thursday, she took to Instagram where she gave an update on her pregnancy and shared a cute baby bump picture while wearing a tank top.

The picture went viral, and Peter "Peter Gunz" Pankey was caught liking it. That is not all the New York hip-hop star did; he also attempted to call the mother of two.

Of course, the Internet was buzzing about the fact that the serial dater and baby maker was trying to reach out to the divorcée.

One person tweeted about the "Make It Reign" rapper: "Peter guns trying to stay relevant/ Peter Gunz has more kids than he has songs."

Another added: "Cory, Whitney, Brandon, Kennedi, Phoenix, Jamison, Kaz, Cori, Gunner, Bronx and now baby Lo."

A commenter said Lowry must be laughing at all those remarks.

The fan said: "It must be comical to her to read all of the guesses and assumptions when she knows the truth. She's probably laughing at you all as we speak."

A kind soul congratulated them on the baby news in a tweet that read: "Congratulations to Peter Gunz who's expecting his 11th child with Teen mum star Kaitlyn Lowry."

Some people think that the "Be My Lady" artist is the father of baby Lo, while others believe he was trying to make headlines.

What do you think?

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