Pete Davidson's Movie King Of Staten Island Suddenly Pulled From Movie Theaters

Pete Davidson's Movie King Of Staten Island Suddenly Pulled From Movie Theaters
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This past week, Variety reported that Pete Davidson's brand new movie, The King of Staten Island , was dropped from drive-in theaters suddenly and without any explanation. The semi-autobiographical movie which showcases the SNL star's rise to ascension was dropped on Friday.

One theater owner who spoke with the outlet says that there was "no explanation" from Universal. It was suddenly pulled from his theater and that was that. Another owner said to the outlet that it caused a lot of problems with some of the customers who already bought tickets and showed up to the 7:00 pm show.

On his Twitter account this past week, Judd Apatow said to fans in all-capital letters that The King of Staten Island was opening only on Video-On-Demand Friday. He said it wasn't going to open up in theaters as some had originally believed.

Sources who spoke with Variety said that "insiders" at the studio said there was a misunderstanding among the company's employees. It was supposed to premiere exclusively through video-on-demand but executives had booked the movie in around 100 theaters by accident.

When the error was revealed, the studios went back to the theaters and asked them not to play it. This won't be the first time that Universal chose to pull their movie from theaters. For instance, in April of this year, the studio chose to drop their film, Trolls World Tour, and instead, release it on Video-On-Demand.

The move cost movie theaters hundreds of dollars in ticket sales. In other news, Dave Chappelle recently dropped a YouTube special in which he poked fun at the entire island of Staten Island. Chappelle described it as an "awful place," saying that even his wife knew that and she lived there.

In the past, Pete Davidson has made similar remarks, saying to Uproxx in 2016 that Staten Island was a terrible place to live in filled with "terrible people." Pete says the entire island has nothing to do with him or his success in the industry.

The comedian goes on to say that the entire city could be wiped out with a tidal wave and he wouldn't care.

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