Pete Davidson's Fans Will Be Happy To Know That He's Doing Fine After Worrying Everyone With Suicidal Message

Pete Davidson's Fans Will Be Happy To Know That He's Doing Fine After Worrying Everyone With Suicidal Message
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Pete Davidson has been struggling with some dark thoughts and his latest post on social media sounded like a suicide note and scared all of his friends and fans. But it seems that now, he is doing fine.

You probably know that he recently defended Kanye West after the rapper spoke up about mental health problems. After that, Pete also shared his heartbreaking message that really worried his fans.

‘I really do not want to be on this earth anymore. I am doing my best to stay here for you all, but I actually do not know how much longer I can last. All I have ever tried to do was help people. just remember I told you so <3,’ he posted.

Most fans believe that he reached this point because since he broke up with Ariana Grande, he has been constantly bullied online.

Now, The Shade Room reveals that he's doing better and he even went to work.

'Pete is doing well enough to head to work today. After a pretty scary Instagram announcement many celebrities took to social media to send encouraging words,' they posted.

TSR continued and said that 'Shortly afterwards, Pete deleted his Instagram, but it seems he’s back on the #SNL set. Great to see he’s in better spirits! ???? Let's continue to send him encouraging words!'

Someone slammed Pete in the comments section and said that 'he played victim to a selfish sentence. He doesn’t deserve all this attention. Making people feel sorry for him.'

Another follower defended him right away: 'He decided to go and do something he loves instead of being alone and with his thoughts. He didn’t do this for attention and if he hadn’t have said anything and popped up dead what would y’all say then?'

One person wrote that 'What a lot of people don’t realize is what they are typing and saying is a form of cyberbullying but lord forbid it to be their family member or kid smh.'

Anyway, our thoughts go to Pete, and we hope that he can find the strength to fight the negative thoughts that are surrounding him. Be safe, Pete!

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