Pete Davidson Slams College Students During Stand-Up Set - Calls Them 'Privileged A**holes"

Pete Davidson Slams College Students During Stand-Up Set - Calls Them 'Privileged A**holes"
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According to a report from E! Online, Pete Davidson wasn't pleased with a batch of college students earlier in the week after he performed in front of a university crowd at the University of Central Florida. The students there were celebrating Welcome Week.

Even though it was meant to be funny, it turned into a viral scene following Pete's berating of the audience for having their phones and being - in his words - "privileged." In the video captured by people in the audience, Pete becomes visibly upset for students videotaping his set, despite being asked not to.

Davidson lambasted the audience for filming the set, which he described as a consequence of "privilege," and being "f**king retarded." The star said to the crowd that it was for that reason, that "we're all embarrassing" and the world is doomed to end in 25 years.

Davidson said before the audience that they were "all idiots" and should "grow up," stating again that the situation was "embarrassing" for everyone involved. In a statement to E! News, a spokesperson for the University of Central Florida said they were disappointed with Pete's behavior, as well as his use of a "slur."

They added that it was "disappointing" to see his pre-planned set ended up spoiling an event that was for the purpose of welcoming students back to university for the fall semester. Pete is gearing up to return to the set of Saturday Night Live soon for the 28th of September, hosted by the Zombieland star, Woody Harrelson.

This comes after the news that Leslie Jones, the Ghostbusters star, was leaving Saturday Night Live , a few months before Eddie Murphy takes the stage on NBC's long-running series. As most know, this won't be the first time that Mr. Davidson has been in the headlines.

Earlier this year and in 2018, Pete was the subject of much controversy due to his relationship with Ariana Grande, which became an engagement, but then subsequently ended. They started dating shortly after Ariana broke up with Mac Miller.

In new interviews, Ariana revealed that she wasn't going to get back into dating anytime soon, but Pete, on the other hand, briefly was in a relationship with the Underwood alum, Kate Beckinsale.

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