Pete Davidson Says He Knew He And Ariana Grande Would Split Up After Her Ex Mac Miller Passed Away

Pete Davidson Says He Knew He And Ariana Grande Would Split Up After Her Ex Mac Miller Passed Away
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Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson got engaged very early into their relationship but unfortunately, it all ended just as fast! When her ex, Mac Miller tragically passed away, it turns out that the SNL comedian already knew their romance was doomed!

Pete confessed he was convinced their engagement would come to an end after Ariana lost Mac.

As the singer continued to grieve the rapper, a month following his untimely death, Ariana and Pete had broken up.

During an interview with Charlamagne Tha God, Pete opened up about this and stated that he understands why Ariana ended their engagement.

‘I totally got it. She would tell you this too. I was like, ‘Listen, I get it, do whatever you have to do, I will be here.’ I think I said, ‘I will be here until you do not want me to be here.’ I pretty much knew it was over after that. That was horrible, and I cannot imagine what that s**t is like. All I know is that she loved the s**t out of him, and she was not putting on a show or anything. That was f***ed up. Prayers to his family and his friends,’ Pete told the host.

Mac was only 26 years old when he passed away of an accidental overdose.

Ariana and Pete started their whirlwind relationship in May of 2018, only weeks following her breakup from Mac Miller who she had dated for almost two years.

Three weeks passed and Ari and Pete were already engaged and even though that was really fast and some criticized them for rushing into it, they seemed happy.

On September 7 of that same year, Mac lost his life after years of battling addiction.

A month and a half later, Pete and Ariana split.

She was really affected by the loss and it actually took her no less than a week to finally speak publicly about his death.


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