Pete Davidson Pokes Fun At Himself For Living With His Mother

Pete Davidson Pokes Fun At Himself For Living With His Mother
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According to a report from E Online, back in 2018, Pete Davidson came out of a brutal and very public breakup with singer-songwriter, Ariana Grande. And now, he's dating Kate Beckinsale. However, like the comedian he is, Pete loves to poke fun of himself even in situations which some would describe as enviable.

During his appearence on NBC's The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Thursday, Pete sat down with the host to talk about comedy material as well as the new Mortal Kombat game, Mortal Kombat 11. 

In the middle of his conversation with the host in which he described the guy whom he loves to fight in the game, the SNL alum said the character has a hot daughter which was "weird" because he's lonely and she isn't real.

As it was previously reported, Beckinsale and Davidson, confirmed they were dating when they were caught on camera kissing at a hockey game in earlier this year. Later on, Davidson alluded to the rumors as well as criticism of their relationship's age gap while on Saturday Night Live.

Speaking with The Los Angeles Times, Kate said that she was surprised by the interest of the entertainment industry as well as the public. Kate said she had never found herself in such a situation before, and not only that, she hadn't dated someone like Pete.

Getting back to his appearence on The Tonight Show , Davidson discussed his living situation, adding that he still lives with his mother, Amy Waters Davidson, 50. In Pete's defense, he actually helped his mom pay for the $1.3 million home in Staten Island, New York.

The purchase came two years after his debut on NBC's Saturday Night Live in 2015. Moreover, he has moved away from his mom a few different times, including last year when he was living with his fiancée of the time, Ariana Grande.

Ariana was living in a $16,000,000 apartment in 2018. When he and Ariana finally broke it off, Pete took to the stage a few weeks later and jokingly asked the crowd, "anybody need a roommate?"

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