Pete Davidson - Here's How He Feels About Ariana Grande Getting Married!

Pete Davidson - Here's How He Feels About Ariana Grande Getting Married!
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As you might have heard already, Ariana Grande has tied the knot with Dalton Gomez and now, sources claim to know how her ex fiance, Pete Davidson , feels about her surprise wedding! It turns out that the SNL star has moved on from their failed relationship and all he wants at this point is for Ariana to be happy.

Furthermore, an insider also revealed via HollywoodLife whether he plans to address the news of Ariana's marriage publicly in any way or not.

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'Pete's moved on from Ariana but without a shadow of a doubt, he wants her to be happy and assumes she must be if she's now married. He does not feel like it is his place to make a public gesture about but also assumes he'll be asked about it down the road but the fact remains.'

They went on to explain that 'He is happy that she's happy and wishes her the best because he does not have any ill will towards her and he would not expect her to have any for him either if and when she is on a different foot and Pete gets married down the line. It is all good.'

In the meantime, Pete has reportedly been dating Bridgerton actress Phoebe Dynevor but their romance is way too new at this point for any engagement rumors to appear.

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The insider also stressed that Pete is definitely not heartbroken to hear about Ariana's wedding.

In fact, he is really happy for her and 'wishes her the best.'

It's been about three years since they were together and both of them have dated other people since breaking their engagement.


'He knows Ariana's wanted to get married since she wore a wedding dress on iCarly years ago. He’s just glad that she found someone who makes her happy,' a second source says.

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