Pete Davidson Faces Backlash For Joking About War Injuries - Will He Apologize?

Pete Davidson Faces Backlash For Joking About War Injuries - Will He Apologize?

Pete Davidson just can't get his name out of the media headlines, whether it's intentional or not. During this past weekend's "Weekend Update" segment on Saturday Night Live , Pete delivered a joke about war veterans that didn't go over so well with some of SNL's  viewers.

However, the Republican candidate who Pete took shots at doesn't want an apology for what he labeled as a "mean-spirited" remark. Just a couple of days before the mid-term elections, Davidson joked about some of the congressional delegates.

He referred to Dan Crenshaw - a former Navy Seal who has an eye patch because of an injury he endured during the Afghanistan war. Twitter users weren't pleased with Davidson, who they accused of being insulting and insensitive.

Davidson joked that the audience would be surprised to hear that Dan was not, in fact, a hitman from a "porno movie." He said, "I know he lost his eye in war or whatever. Whatever."

On Twitter, Crenshaw appeared to take Davidson's comments in stride, stating that one of his rules in life was to avoid both offending and becoming offended by others.  The former Navy Seal said that perhaps NBC's Saturday Night Live would work harder not to use injuries of veterans as punchlines.

During a conversation with TMZ, Crenshaw said that he wants the United States Of America to get away from the phenomena where people are continually forced to apologize for jokes. It's become a nuisance in the culture.

Crenshaw said the real tragedy is that it wasn't "original," or "funny;" it was mostly just "mean-spirited." Kenan Thompson, Pete's castmate, later came out and said that he believes Pete simply "missed the mark."

As most know, Davidson has struggled over the past month, breaking up with fiancée, Ariana Grande, and feuding with her in passive-aggressive and subtle comments both on-air and in his stand-up routines.

Alluding to the breakup, Pete said that "sometimes things just don't work out and that's ok." Following reports of bitter jabs, Pete praised Ariana as a strong person and urged viewers to go out and vote on Tuesday.


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  • Maira
    Maira Nov 5, 2018 8:30 PM PST

    What was he doing when he lost his eye? Wasn't he taking part in a political war and killing people he did not know and had never done anything to him?

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