Pete Davidson Decides To Stop Mocking His Failed Romance With Ariana Grande - Here's Why!

Pete Davidson Decides To Stop Mocking His Failed Romance With Ariana Grande - Here's Why!
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Apparently, the SNL comedian has decided to stop making jokes about his short-lived romance with Ariana Grande. Here’s why!

One source tells HollywoodLife that Pete Davidson is over the failed relationship jokes and it’s safe to say Ari will be happy to hear that.

The insider explained that ‘Pete’s go-to coping mechanism is humor, so he has always made jokes to help ease his pain — it is his way of dealing, so his instinct has been to make light of his breakup with Ariana — but as soon as he realized how hurtful it was to her, he stopped.’

‘It is one thing for Pete to make jokes at his own expense, but it was never his intention to poke fun at Ariana, that is the very last thing he wants to do, and when she felt that is what he was doing, he decided to pull the material.’

On November 1, Ariana actually took to social media to shade her ex after he made fun of their whirlwind engagement on SNL.

‘For somebody who claims to hate relevancy u sure love clinging to it huh,’ she wrote.

But all was well in the end as Pete realized she was hurt by him mocking their relationship.

That being said, he sent her a serious and mature message on air instead.

‘Their relationship was anything but a joke, and Pete doesn’t want Ariana to think he didn’t take things seriously, because despite everything he still loves her with all his being, and he would get back with her in a heartbeat. As much as Pete turns his darkness into humor, there are some things that he values too much to joke about, and Ariana’s feelings definitely fall into that category,’ the insider tells the outlet.


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