Pete Davidson And Ariana Grande - Inside His Reaction To Her New Engagement!

Pete Davidson And Ariana Grande - Inside His Reaction To Her New Engagement!
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As you might have heard by now, Ariana Grande is once again engaged after a whirlwind romance, this time with Dalton Gomez. But how does her former fiance, Pete Davidson , feel about the singer making this step again with someone else?

Ariana and the Saturday Night Live comedian had a short but very intense and public romance that ended about two years ago and now, the singer is making headlines for getting engaged - again!

The news' been getting some mixed reactions from fans but many are also very curious to know how Pete feels about it!

Is he bitter? One insider report says this is definitely not the case!

Instead, Pete wishes all the best for his ex and 'He’s really happy for her.'

The source went on to share via HollywoodLife that 'From what he can tell, Dalton treats Ariana with respect and like she deserves to be treated. He is happy for the time that they spent together but also knows they have both moved on. He is glad she’s happy and congratulates her on the next chapter.'

Another insider told the outlet that Pete is well aware they lived a special love story together but that it's over now and they have both moved on.

At the end of the day, there is no resentment on his part and wishes her the best with her new fiance.

'Pete knows that he will be connected to Ariana forever, but he's happy to see that she's able to move on, just as much as he has. He's very happy for her and wishes her the best.'

That is great to hear given how complicated their romance was.


It was definitely a very intense flame that ended up burning out too quickly but it really sounds like both of them have left their marks on each other forever.

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