Performers And Celebs Send Well Wishes To Jeremih Who's Now In Critical Condition

Performers And Celebs Send Well Wishes To Jeremih Who's Now In Critical Condition
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Hot New Hip Hop picked up on a social media post from 50 Cent this weekend in which he revealed that Jeremih , the singer-songwriter, had contracted COVID-19. Information from people like Hitmaka and Chance The Rapper shows Jeremih might be in critical condition.

Curtis Jackson, who goes by the name, 50 Cent, took to his account to say Mr. Jeremih was also in the ICU, which means his condition is likely serious. In the early hours of the morning today, it was claimed by a number of outlets and celebrities that Jeremih's condition has worsened, and he's now on a ventilator.

Ever since the news was revealed, many of his friends, fans, and collaborators have been shouting out to him and wishing him well, including people like Bun B, Metro Boomin', Kyle, Wale, and Big Sean .

Bun B wrote on his account that he had "friends who believe" and others who don't. The star went on to say that every person has a right to believe in what they want, and "play with it," all they want to. However, Bun B says even healthy people could be severely affected by it.

This wouldn't be the first time a performing artist caught the coronavirus and struggled for their lives. Earlier this year, it was reported by Page Six that Nick Cordero, the New York City actor, had been put on a ventilator to combat his COVID-19 symptoms.

Unfortunately, after being sent to the hospital during the summer months, Nick succumbed to the illness and passed away surrounded by his wife, family, and friends. Nick and Amanda Kloots had one child during their relationship, Elvis.

Kloots was on her Instagram account updating her fans and friends for months while Nick had been trying to fight through it. Other stars to contract COVID-19 include Tom Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson, although, they both survived.


In fact, Tom and his wife were among the first celebrities to reveal their positive diagnosis. Not long after, many other celebs came out to say they had caught it as well.

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