Perez Hilton Under Fire For Body Shaming Bella Thorne

Perez Hilton Under Fire For Body Shaming Bella Thorne
Source: Bella Thorne Instagram

Perez Hilton is under fire after reporting a fashion faux pas where Bella Thorne exposed a bit too much flesh while wearing a crop top. Bella was attending a New York Fashion Week (NYFW) event while wearing the baby pink ensemble that included a cropped hoodie. Paparazzi descended and snapped many photos of Bella, but in one shot she raised her hand and made a fist. When doing so, her shirt lifted and the photo revealed a great deal of underboob.

Perez Hilton not only posted the photo on his official Instagram feed but left a comment that invited people to leave negative remarks about Bella. Many say this behavior is the definition of both body shaming and slut shaming and the Internet was not having it.

The photo that Perez Hilton shared on Instagram is too revealing to be included here. Not only did he post the photo then invite people to comment, but he then shared the photo on Twitter and tagged her ex in the post.

Perez is no stranger to accusations of online bullying and being cruel, but this post has struck a nerve with many, even those who wouldn't necessarily call themselves Bella's fans.

Bella Thorne responded to Perez Hilton on Twitter and a following battle of words ensued. Perez eventually released a video denying that he body shamed or slut shamed Bella, but her fans disagree.

Perez Hilton released a video where he said he was not body shaming or slut shaming Bella Thorne, but instead fashion shaming.

The Internet doesn't seem to draw the same lines as Perez. You can hear Perez defend his actions and deny that he body shamed or slut shamed Bella in the video below.

What do you think? Did Perez Hilton cross a line when he shared the graphic photo of Bella that she says was an accident? Do you agree with Perez's supporters that Bella was seeking attention and lifted her arm on purpose, or do you think it was an accident?

Do you agree with Bella that this was an act of body shaming and slut shaming or do you side with Perez that it is all fair in fashion? What are your thoughts?


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