Perez Hilton Slammed For Telling Kylie Jenner To Get An Abortion

Perez Hilton Slammed For Telling Kylie Jenner To Get An Abortion

Perez Hilton - a blogger and content creator who specializes in popular culture and celebrity gossip - is under a lot of pressure for insinuating that Kylie Jenner should get an abortion. In a new video uploaded on Friday, September 22nd, Hilton began by informing the world of the news that Jenner is pregnant.

The blogger claimed in his video that the news was accurate because TMZ reported it and their track record is "pretty accurate." Perez said he had to "slow clap" for Jenner due to her ability to draw attention to herself for marketing and business purposes.

"She is the new Kim Kardashian" according to Perez- whose real name is Mario - who added that she had "one-upped" everybody including all of her family members.

And the most controversial part of his video came when he said if he were Kris Jenner, "(he) would tell that girl to get an abortion!"

The issue for Perez is that Kylie's situation is characterized by the phrase, "Babies taking care of other babies," and as the Kardashian show comes to a close, Jenner probably wants a role on Teen Mom.

In the eyes of the gossip columnist and Youtube star, it's all for publicity and money despite the possible debilitating effect it will have on the child of Travis and Kylie.

Perez added that he doesn't "understand the thinking" and "it's just sad" because he doesn't believe she's capable - at this point in her life and intellectual development - to be a mother at such a young age. Perez concluded his video claiming that Kylie and Travis are not going to last "but who cares? It's great for business."


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