People React Following A$AP Rocky's Audio From The Swedish Court

People React Following A$AP Rocky's Audio From The Swedish Court
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As you probably know by now, A$AP Rocky is currently being held in a Swedish jail following charges of assault. He pleaded guilty, and he maintained his innocence so far.

Regardless of all this, he's still facing two years behind bars.

The Shade Room revealed yesterday that 'A$AP appeared in court today and gave a testimony of his recollection of what transpired that led to his arrest.'

A$AP Rocky spoke in front of a Swedish court today and stated he was 'scared' and tried his hardest to avoid a fight last month in the Swedish capital, Stockholm.

You can hear his testimony below:

People are not showing too much support for Rocky at this point.

Somoene said: 'When you separate yourself from problems in the black community because you have money but problems in the black community dgaf about your money and find its way to you anyhow🤷🏾‍♀️And I oop.'

Another follower posted: 'He sounds defeated. I know he’s said disparaging things in the past, but I won’t wish bad on him.'

Somoene else said: 'Awww poor guy. Wonder if Calabasas and Beverly Hills gonna get him outta this one. 🙌🏾'

Ine commenter wrote: 'God has a way of humbling us, and it’s always when least expected.'

A person said: 'Now he can finally “relate” to what our black men and women go through EVERYDAY for no reason at all.'

Another follower posted: 'He says he doesn’t care for problems in communities of color, so I could care less about his.'

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