People Are Filing A Petition To Rename 'Crenshaw & Slauson' In LA To 'Nipsey Hussle Blvd' - His Fans Are Not Impressed

People Are Filing A Petition To Rename 'Crenshaw & Slauson' In LA To 'Nipsey Hussle Blvd' - His Fans Are Not Impressed
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Nipsey Hussle's death will not be something that the community can get over too soon, that's for sure. Everyone is mourning after he had to be violently taken from his loved ones, leaving only pain and confusion behind.

Various important names in the music industry and more have been seeing messages, posting videos and sending prayers after Nip left this world.

Everyone is sending a prayer to poor Lauren London who also shared a heartbreaking message on her social media account, telling the world that she is now lost without her best friend, sanctuary and protector.

T.I., Tiny Harris, Rihanna and many, many more have honored Nip's memory these days.

The Shade Room brings another piece of news.

TSR wrote that 'a petition has been filed to rename the street where Nipsey’s Marathon Clothing store stands, which is unfortunately also the place where his life was tragically taken.'

They continued and said 'The petition calls to rename Crenshaw Blvd and Slauson Avenue in Los Angeles, CA to “Nipsey Hussle Blvd.” If this petition gets the green light from Councilman Marqueece Harris-Dawson, this could potentially happen.'

Nipsey's fans were not impressed by the news.

Someone said 'First of all, “Crenshaw and Slauson” are two different streets. Both of which are very long streets and extend beyond the Crenshaw district. Secondly, that intersection is a thread in the fabric of LA culture. It’s iconic. All that to say, I think it would be dope if the intersection could be named Nipsey Hussle Square. 💙✊🏾'

Another commenter posted 'First of all- it’s Slauson and Crenshaw intersection. And Crenshaw and Slauson will always bee Crenshaw and Slauson. I think we LA natives know Nip don’t need the street named after him. He rather them KEEP BUYING THE BLOCK BACK!!'

One other person believes that 'What he stood for his bigger than a renamed street. Build a recreation center for kids to get off the street at name it House of Hussle to teach them other ways of making money; the true meaning of hustle.'

Send your prayers to Nip's family, friends and all of his loved ones.

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