Penn Badgley Says He Had A Wild Time In His Early 20s - He Did LSD A Lot

Penn Badgley Says He Had A Wild Time In His Early 20s - He Did LSD A Lot
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According to Penn Badgley, the You star, his early 20s was a wild time. During a conversation with Variety recently, the 33-year-old actor shared some of his experiences with hallucinogenic drugs from the earlier stage of his adult life.

Speaking with Chace Crawford for the outlet, Crawford asked Penn if he did any research for the second season of You in which his character takes acid. Penn said to Chase that in his early 20s, he did a lot of research on hallucinogenic drugs.

During the same chat, Penn also stated that he hasn't watched a teen drama like Gossip Girl for several years. Fans will remember when the series ran from 2007 until 2012. It was one of the most popular dramas on television at the time.

According to Penn, the last time he watched it was with his wife before they got married. It was around six months after they had met, and she had never seen an episode before. The actor says that is the last time he remembers watching an episode.

Penn isn't that proud of seeing what he looked like at the time. The actor said nobody likes to look back on what they used to look like in the early twenties. "Who can enjoy that?" the actor joked. In other news, Penn and Kirke just celebrated their third wedding anniversary.

And in February, she announced she had two miscarriages one after another. Badgley was in the news for other reasons lately as well, including for the trouble his co-star, Chris D'Elia, found himself in.

As it was previously reported, several young women on Twitter accused him of talking to them when they were underage. Reports said that Chris D'Elia was accused of "grooming" young women, however, following Chris' side of the story, which he revealed by releasing entire emails between himself and the accusers , many have since cast doubt on the controversy.

The You star, Penn Badgley, who worked alongside Chris, later released a statement claiming that he found the allegations "disturbing."

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