Penelope Cruz Says She Hated Javier Bardem's Look as Pablo Escobar

Penelope Cruz Says She Hated Javier Bardem's Look as Pablo Escobar
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According to a report from, Penelope Cruz didn't like the way Javier Bardem looked as Pablo Escobar. The 45-year-old actress recently sat down with Ellen DeGeneres on her show this Tuesday and discussed how the actor put on the pounds and grew out a mustache to impersonate the late Escobar.

Speaking with the host of the Ellen Show , Penelope explained that the James Bond actor was stoked about the idea of eating junk food for the role. Essentially, it was a reason to indulge in all the worst foods. However, Cruz said Javier quickly became healthy again after it was done.

Mrs. Cruz said it looked as though it was easy to gain all of that weight very quickly, but then it takes forever to lose it. Titled, Loving Pablo, the new movie featuring the aforementioned stars showcases the love-relationship between Escobar and Virginia Vallejo, a journalist who was in a relationship with the drug-dealer for approximately four years.

Cruz claimed when they were finally finished shooting, she didn't want to see him look like that ever again. According to the actress, while on set, she and the rest of the crew knew how to separate fact from fiction, however, there is still a part of you which "gets affected."

This marks the third time the pair have collaborated as a couple, including Vicky Christina Barcelona , as well as Jamon Jamon . Javier and Penelope worked together in the aforementioned film, written and directed by the iconic - but embattled - filmmaker, Woody Allen.

While at the Cannes International Film Festival last year in May, Penelope explained what it was like working with Javier.

Penelope said, "the fact (she and Javier) lean on each other and trust each other so much" really helps the way in which they work together. Cruz and Bardem got married in July 2010, and are currently the parents to their 8-year-old son, Leo, and their daughter, Luna, 5.

Loving Pablo starts its run in theaters on the 5th of October, 2019.

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