Pauley Perrette Says She Won't Be Voting For Republicans Because Trump Is The "Opposite Of Jesus"

Pauley Perrette Says She Won't Be Voting For Republicans Because Trump Is The "Opposite Of Jesus"

According to Pauley Perrette, a self-proclaimed "faith-based person," Donald Trump is the "opposite of Jesus." In a message ahead of Tuesday's mid-term elections, the star described why she chose to vote against the Republican administration, a common political position among Hollywood actors, actresses, and entertainers.

The NCIS actress referred to the president as a "mean" person and went on to say that Trump is, in every way, totally the opposite of Jesus and his teachings. Ironically, Trump has managed to secure solid support from an Evangelical base.

She suggested that the politician makes fun of people through saying "mean" things, and spreads hate regarding race, women, and the handicapped. Perrette seemed to insinuate that Trump has capitalized on working-class Americans' supposed hatred for minorities and other "marginalized" groups.

Her comments refer to Trump's classic statement regarding illegal Mexican immigrants, where he accused illegal aliens of being not "their best" - referring to Mexico -  as well as criminals and rapists. Donald Trump also suggested a total ban on Muslims from entering the United States following the terrorist attacks in Paris, France.

You can check out her post on Twitter below:

Perrette shared a video of herself talking about the way in which Republicans allegedly "attacked" the old president of the United States, Barack Obama, while he was in office.

In the video from 2012, Perette said that the former president was doing everything he could to help bring balance back to the American economy, and it was continuing to get better.

Ignoring the current state of the economy, Perrette said "it's so much worse now! Please vote against bigotry and misogyny." Putting aside political commentary,  Perrette has had an eventful 2018. The actress revealed she would be leaving the show, NCIS , after 15 seasons.

Initially, the 49-year-old said she would be leaving back in 2017. Officials from CBS confirmed her claims, stating they would greatly miss her presence on the legendary TV show. A spokesperson for the company stated that Pauley had a "terrific run."

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  • Janet Holston
    Janet Holston Nov 12, 2018 8:52 AM PST

    Well that would make the POTUS the devil and you are so wrong. If you are a true Christian and not a Hollywood Hippocratic you could see that. Judge not, least you be judged. You should be asking everyone to pray for him and our country instead of putting him down. You are just another Hollywood person that this deplorable no longer respects.

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