Pauley Perrette Is Back On CBS After Her NCIS Exit - Stars In New Sitcom Titled 'Broke!'

Pauley Perrette Is Back On CBS After Her NCIS Exit - Stars In New Sitcom Titled 'Broke!'
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The former NCIS star is back on CBS for a brand new show that also stars Jane the Virgin's Jaime Camil! Pauley Perrette was part of the sitcom’s pilot, executive-produced by Camil himself and Jennie Snyder Urman - Jane the Virgin EP!

It sounds like a very unlikely crossover between the two fan-favorite shows, but that is one of the things that just makes the sitcom more intriguing.

Camil plays an ‘outrageously wealthy trust fund baby,’ who is then cut off by his dad.

As a result, he has to move, alongside his wife, into his sister-in-law’s place, played by Perrette!

The wife’s sister is named Jackie and she is described as ‘a tough and sharp witted, loving single mom who is struggling to raise her 9-year-old son.’

She also manages a bar and that makes her pretty ‘feisty, sometimes hot headed, the sort of woman who knows her way around a toolbox and an acetylene torch.’

Sounds like a great role to land and a very interesting one to watch for the viewers.

Jackie is apparently, not at all happy when her snobby sister and her husband show up at her condo.

However, the heartwarming part is that she recalls she actually really loves her sister and decides to help the pair.

As you know, Perrette left NCIS after season 15, and the show’s fans were very disappointed to see her go.

In an interview for TV Guide Magazine last year, she explained: ‘I believe in God and in the universe firmly, and it suddenly became blindingly apparent now was the time [to leave]. After giving [my exit] much thought, I decided to announce it on Twitter myself because I did not want this to just be turned into something ‘shocking.’ Abby leaving is more than just a cheap TV ploy.’

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