Paul Rudd Says Fatherhood Has Caused Him To Become More Sentimental

Paul Rudd Says Fatherhood Has Caused Him To Become More Sentimental

The actor had a chat with Mr. Porter, and during the interview, he revealed that ever since becoming a dad, he’s been picking his roles differently. It looks like parenthood has offered Paul Rudd a brand new perspective on life and on his career.

Rudd confessed that taking on such a responsibility has also made him more sentimental than he used to be before his kids were born.

‘I’ve experienced some more profound moments in my life: my father dying, being a parent. All of a sudden your sensitivity's heightened. I see things on TV like 'Undercover Boss,' and they knock me to the ground. My kids make fun of me. ‘Oh, Dad is crying again.’’

The star went on to say that he really loves when his kids roll their eyes at his jokes because they say they’re lame ‘dad jokes’ but still secretly find them funny and ‘fight a smile.’

Paul Rudd is the father of two boys, Jack, 12 and Darby, 8.

Aside from his family life, the actor also opened up about joining the Marvel Universe as the titular hero of Ant-Man.

He mentioned how amazing it is that the superhero franchise manages to unite so many fans.

‘Fandom, like sport, is such a leveler, no matter where you stand politically. There is no middle ground now between a Trump supporter and Trump hater. It is Yanny or Laurel. But put those two people at Comic-Con with a shared love of Captain America and… That is why I became an actor, to bring people together. Create world peace. You know, when you are an artist…,’ Rudd explained. Agreed!

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