Paul Rudd Celebrates Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl Win On The Field With Look-A-Like Son Jack

Paul Rudd Celebrates Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl Win On The Field With Look-A-Like Son Jack
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Former Kansas City resident and die hard Chiefs fan Paul Rudd - who is known for his ability to defy the aging process - was on the field for Super Bowl LIV to celebrate his beloved Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl win. The 50-year-old actor had his teenage son Jack by his side, and viewers were shocked to see just how much the two looked alike.

Paul and Jack were each dressed in a Kansas City Chiefs jersey - Paul was in red and Jack was in white. And, the father-son duo shared their excitement with Fox Sports, as both had been waiting for a Chiefs Super Bowl win their whole lives.

“It feels like I’m seeing colors for the first time in my life,” said Rudd after the Chiefs defeated the San Francisco 49ers by the score of 31-20. “Poor Jack had a nosebleed, he was so excited. Nothing’s better than this.”

Jack added, “It doesn’t even feel real. I’ve got a bloody nose and I don’t even know when it happened.”

Twitter immediately lit up with fans commenting about Paul and Jack’s similar appearance. One fan wrote that the takeaway from the Super Bowl is how much Paul Rudd’s son looks like him, and another wrote that Rudd’s amazing ability to not age has led to him and his teenage son looking the same age.

Rudd moved to Lenexa, Kansas, - a suburb of Kansas City - when he was ten years old, and he’s one of the Chiefs’ most famous fans. He and his wife, Julie Yaeger, are the parents of sons Jack and Darby, who Rudd says are both “big Marvel fans.”

However, Rudd explained to Us Weekly last fall that his sons aren’t really impressed with his role of Ant-Man. He said that he’s “just their dad,” and his boys “just want to know what Tom Holland is like.”

Rudd also told the outlet in 2018 that Jack and Darby have visited him on Marvel sets and have seen the Ant-Man suit. But, once they are on set their biggest concern is “where the table with the free candy is.” After they grab a couple of things, Rudd says his kids are ready to leave.

Paul Rudd’s latest project Living With Yourself is currently available for streaming on Netflix. And, his upcoming film Ghostbusters: Afterlife is scheduled to hit theaters on July 10th.

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